Linklab International Business Etiquette Academy

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.


In 2016 any mention of etiquette may cause mild amusement. People tend to think of the formalities of former times that seem irrelevant to modern life. “It may come in handy if I ever meet royalty” is a view that many might take.

Unless we’re talking about Business Etiquette, which is rather more than a matter of style or good manners (although these are still important).


Business Etiquette is not a compendium of abstract practice and custom, but a valuable tool that makes it possible to operate confidently in a professional context and to interact successfully with others through effective and knowledgeable communication.


Business Etiquette has two fundamental objectives:

  1. Attention to and understanding of the interests and feeling of others.
  2. The avoidance, as far as possible, of misjudgements and misunderstandings.


Since it is closely related to culture and tradition, it varies radically from country to country. This is familiar territory to those who regularly do business abroad and have perhaps learnt the hard way that apparently trivial – and possibly neglected – factors can affect the outcome of negotiations.


The correct use of courtesy titles and the importance of hierarchies, the whether, when and how of exchanging business cards and gifts, body language and table manners, symbolism and taboos: failure to acknowledge this entire gamut of cultural references can be fatal to any prospect of presenting a personal and company image that suggests professionalism, prestige and openness.


The Linklab International Business Etiquette Academy benefits from years of experience in linguistic and cultural mediation and in dialogue with organisations that support companies on the path to internationalisation, such as Confindustria della Venezia Giulia and World Trade Center Trieste.


Our business is to build bridges between different languages and cultures. The International Business Etiquette Academy is a logical development for Linklab, and one that responds to a real need.


Company executives,  managers of international relations, key account managers, professionals and anyone interested in pursuing a career abroad.

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