The Linklab Story

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Our story

We have been a strong and trusted presence in Italy’s language services sector since 2001. After a number of years as part of a well-known international franchise, we began a new chapter in 2015, beginning with a radical process of analysis and transformation of our service. Why react to change when you can anticipate it?

The turning point

In the beginning was translation. In our early days there was a clear distinction between communicators and linguists. Then everything changed with the spread of the internet and social networks. The need arose for inter-disciplinary skills and “cross-pollination”. In 2013 we responded by innovating, drawing on the expertise of communications specialists and technology laboratories, and identifying the flaw in the obsolete and anachronistic DNA of traditional language services agencies. The result was a radical transformation of our service and working methods.

Our working methods

Contrary to common belief, the future does not lie in automatic translation. For those involved in multilingual communication, it lies in a perfect match of quality and innovation. We have designed and developed working methods that involve the client and guarantee total and effective contextualisation of texts.


Elisabetta Maurutto

Founder & Managing Director

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A graduate in Interpretation (English and Russian) from the University of Trieste School of Modern Languages, she has actively and enthusiastically pursued a business career since 2001, when she joined a well-known international franchise. Linklab is the result of long experience and reflection on multilingual communication as an essential tool of international exchange.
She loves to read and write, and brings specialised marketing and Business Etiquette training to her passion for languages.
A certified Etiquette Consultant, she is a member of IAPO – International Association of Professional Etiquette Consultants.


Diletta De Cia

Project Leader & Quality Manager

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After graduating in Administrative and Professional Consultancy from the University of Trieste, she initially worked in a purely administrative role before joining the staff at Via Trenta Ottobre 4 as Marketing Manager. Meticulous and tireless, she has acted as a Cross-Cultural Expert for the past three years and has become a reference point for discerning clients who entrust their multilingual communication to Linklab. In her spare time, she loves travelling and cooking.


Marzia Gherbaz

Project Leader & Head Hunter

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A graduate in Translation (English and Spanish) from the University of Trieste School of Modern Languages, she spent years as a translator and copy editor of medical and psychological texts for a well-known scientific publisher. Her role as a Cross-Cultural Expert and determined head hunter is to ensure the best possible professional use of Linklab’s resources. When not writing (which she does well and often), she is a keen runner, swimmer and rock climber. No fear of heights for her.