Relocation& Mobility

Are you a professional and about to relocate to the Veneto or Friuli Venezia Giulia regions? Or a business planning to relocate an employee to Northeast Italy? Linklab helps you manage all relocation-related aspects in a simple, fast and effective way. Just pack your bags: we'll take care of the rest.

Administrative procedures

Lost time is never found again

Untangling the maze of bureaucracy is complicated and time-consuming. There are rules for entering a new country, rules for living in it, rules for leaving it.

With us, dealing quickly with relocation-related paperwork can be simple.
Our consultants will provide you with continuous and timely assistance for the completion of all the bureaucratic procedures necessary to move to, and live in Italy, guiding you step by step and keeping you constantly updated on the progress of the procedure.


  • Registry office registration
  • Identity papers
  • Issuing of tax code
  • Visas
  • Residence permit and renewal
  • Changes of residence
  • Family cohesion/reunification
  • SPID


  • Translation into Italian of foreign documents and their authentication at the Court of Trieste


  • Work permit
  • Blue Card


  • Driving licence conversion
  • Foreign and other car registrations
  • Insurance and car property tax
  • Rental of parking spaces


  • Current Accounts
  • Banking and insurance
  • Accounts and taxes
  • Registration with the national health system
  • Health card issuance and validity
About us
We have always had a successful working relationship with Linklab and have benefited from their speedy responses to our requests. We often have tight schedules and rely on Linklab for prompt and valuable advice. Their skilled and efficient people always offer a professional service. We shall certainly continue to use their services.
Cinzia Verdi
Wärtsilä Italia S.p.A.
The 3 hours of the Intercultural Communication seminar provided detailed advice on how to conduct negotiations with international clients - and particularly on how to avoid misunderstandings.
Prior knowledge of customs, culture and body language are essential to business success. Linklab’s Intercultural Communication courses provide the key to open this mysterious and intriguing door.
5 stars, highly recommended!
Andrea W. Garwood
Distribution Internationale de Vins Italiens Srl
Linklab is a reliable, skilled and professional partner. The entire Linklab team has answered all our needs promptly and in a very flexible manner.
Linklab's constant pursuit of better quality has also allowed us to raise the level of service offered to our particularly demanding Corporate customers.
Linklab's professionalism is based on dedication to customer needs and a unique level of availability.
Our relationship of trust and respect has grown stronger over time ... keep it up!
Vittorio Zingales
CEO, Altaformazione
Courtesy, quick service, the ability to understand the context of a communication, and cross-cultural consultancy are what make Linklab a reliable global partner.
In addition to its translation skills, we have always been impressed by the cultural profile of its project team.
Andrea Notarnicola
Culture Change Advisor e Partner Netwon S.p.A.
The Linklab service is precise and accurate.
The Project Managers are always available to listen to our requests and meet our needs, which are often quite specific.
Valeriana Ramondo
Associate Editor, Springer Verlag Srl
We have been using Linklab for a considerable time and are extremely happy with their work. They take great pains to produce quotes quickly and deliver translations on time. They have worked with us for several years, successfully coping with tight deadlines and resolving problems of translation.
Highly recommended!
Barbara Soetje
Executive Producer, e-motion Srl
Linklab handles technical translations for us, particularly in Eastern European languages.
They are always on hand to assist us in their painstaking way and always adhere to deadlines.
We recommend them!
Adriano Cusinato
Sales Manager, Macon Research Srl
We have been working with Link-lab for a number of years. They have always delivered on time and translate with great care into the common languages (English, German, etc.) and the more complex ones, such as Chinese.
We are very impressed with their work.
Federica di Fonzo
Marketing & Comunicazione - Frag Srl
We use Link-Lab for translations, mainly of product catalogues and web texts.
They have always demonstrated professionalism, courtesy, availability and, last but not least, punctuality.
A great team for all kinds of translation.
Lorenzo Mattellone
MA-wood Srl
As an advertising agency, we have worked with Linklab for a number of years. Its diligent approach is directly related to its outstanding professionalism.
Although our needs are often urgent, their translators have always been available to help us create precise and incisive copy, even in advertising text requiring more than mere awareness of formal correctness.
Massimo Manzato
Giotto Enterprise